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May 15 2017

Join Our Food Club

More and more of our clients are needing to purchase special prescription foods from us to keep their pets healthy.  Prescription foods can be an extremely valuable tool for health, and in many cases stand in place of doing things like giving pills to treat certain conditions like allergies, kidney disease, and digestive issues.

With the growing demand for prescription foods, Gardiner Park Animal Hospital is proud to be introducing a “Food Club” for our clients.  It’s simple: come in and pick up a club card with your next purchase, and begin tracking your food purchases with the help of our reception staff.  Purchase 10 (ten) bags or cases of the same size and type of food for your pet, and your 11th is free!

Each card tracks a total of 60 purchases, and there is no time limit on your redemption – so come in today and start earning your free prescription pet food!

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