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Jul 05 2017

Summer is here!

Summer is here at last, and the heat is definitely rising.  As the mercury climbs, it’s important to remember that our furry family members are just as susceptible to the heat as we are.

Here are some things to remember, to help you and your pets stay safe and comfortable this summer:

Never Leave Your Pet in a Hot Vehicle

Just like small children, pets should never be left alone in hot cars for any length of time.  Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside the car can quickly rise to unbearable levels, and cause serious injury or even death.  While many of us would love to take our pets with us everywhere we go, on hot days, they are much better off at home.

Provide Proper Shelter to Escape the Heat

Outdoor pets need to beat the heat too!  If your pet is going to be outside (in the yard, at the campsite, or the cabin) for an extended period of time, remember to provide them with lots of clean water, and a sheltered area to escape the sun.

If You Get Thirsty, Your Pets Will Too

Taking your pet camping or hiking?  Pack extra water, so you can be sure they get their share.  As with us, it isn’t always safe for pets to drink untreated water sources they might find out in the wild.

Beat the Heat

If your pet likes water, a wading pool or sprinkler is a great way to keep cool when the weather gets hot.  Otherwise, monitor their outdoor activities and don’t encourage over-exertion when it’s hot.  Save playtime and walks for early in the morning, or in the evening when the temperature has dropped.  Pay special attention to very young, senior, or sick animals, as they can succumb more quickly to the heat.

And, as always, if you notice your pet seems overly sluggish, is panting excessively, vomiting, seems weak, dizzy, or is otherwise behaving strangely after a long time out in the sun, contact your veterinarian.

Have a safe and happy summer, everyone!

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