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Oct 24 2022

Hallowe’en Pet Safety Tips

Hallowe’en is almost here, and while you enjoy this spooky celebration, here are a few tips for keeping your pets safe and healthy:

 Candy and Chocolate:

Chocolate and other candy can be hazardous to your pet – causing stomach upset, or even poisoning.  Be sure all Hallowe’en goodies are safely stored out of your pets’ reach.  If they do ingest candy or chocolate, don’t panic – contact your veterinarian for advice on what to do next.


Everyone loves dressing up for Hallowe’en.  If your pet is dressing up along with you, make sure their costume is comfortable, lightweight (to avoid overheating), and doesn’t have loose pieces that could become tangled or be chewed on.


Always be sure to keep candles out of reach, or use LEDs or other battery-operated light sources for your Jack-o-Lanterns instead.

The Door:

Lots of knocking and bell-ringing can be upsetting for pets.  To avoid stress – or an escape – keep your pets in a quiet, calm space, secure and away from the door.

Stay Indoors:

With all the crowds and activity, it’s always best to keep your pets indoors on Hallowe’en.

Be safe, and have a fun, happy Hallowe’en!

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