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Jan 29 2016

Microchips Now Available!

Microchipping is just one of the many ways you can protect your pet if they get lost.  Gardiner Park Animal Hospital is now offering microchips as an identification option for dogs and cats.

The microchip is a tiny device, implanted beneath the skin over the right shoulder, which can be read by a special scanner, normally found in vet clinics and shelters.  They are designed to help reunite pets who have been lost with their families.  Normally, the microchip is implanted while your pet is under a general anesthetic, during the time of their spay or neuter surgery, around the age of six months.  When you drop your pet off at the clinic to be admitted for surgery, you will be asked to fill out a form with all your contact information; one copy will be stored at the clinic, while a second copy is sent to the microchip manufacturer, to be entered in their database.  This is the information which is accessed when your pet is lost.

Microchipping isn’t the only way to help identify a pet.  Our hospital also offers tattooing (which is usually placed in the pet’s right ear, but can be placed on the inner flank) which is registered with the City of Regina and the Regina Humane Society.

We also offer Defensor QR Rabies Tags.  Each tag contains a unique number and a QR code which can be scanned by mobile phones.  Once registered (online, by phone, or by SMS message) scanning the code will provide whatever information you, the owner, chooses to have available: phone numbers, email addresses, even important information about your pet’s medical conditions; as well as contact information for our clinic.  For more information on the QR rabies tags, click here.

It is also important to make sure that your pet’s collar has an ID tag on it with your phone number, as well as a City license – two more ways they can be identified and returned home.

If you have questions about any of the identification methods mentioned here, please contact the clinic at 306-721-1022, or by email at [email protected]

If your pet is missing, or if you’ve found an animal you think might be lost, contact the clinic at 306-721-1022 or The Regina Humane Society at 306-543-6363.  You can also visit PetLynx Lost and Found website, to post a found pet report, or to search for reports of missing pets, or the Facebook groups Regina’s Lost and Found Cats and Regina’s Lost and Found Dogs.

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