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    Avoiding Emergency Trips to the Veterinarian During COVID-19

    Apr 30 2020

    COVID-19 has temporarily changed our lives. Things we took we granted, such as running out to grab a few things at the grocery store, heading out after work to socialize with friends, or taking your…

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    World Veterinary Day

    Apr 23 2020

    In April 1863, Professor John Gamgee initiated a meeting of veterinarians and professors of veterinary medicine from all over Europe. This conference attracted 103 veterinary professionals from 10…

  • The Ticks are Coming

    Mar 02 2016

    Most people don't think of March as the time to worry about ticks, but the truth is, ticks spend the winter safely underneath the snow cover, and can begin "questing" - that is, searching for food -…

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    February is Dental Month

    Feb 01 2016

        Some people think "dog breath" is just a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be!  Proper dental care can go a long way to helping your dog (or cat) live a long and healthy life.  Dental…

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    Microchips Now Available!

    Jan 29 2016

    Microchipping is just one of the many ways you can protect your pet if they get lost.  Gardiner Park Animal Hospital is now offering microchips as an identification option for dogs and cats. …

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    Animals of all Shapes and Sizes

    Apr 16 2015

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    Send Us Your Pet Pictures!

    Mar 06 2015

    We love to see pictures of your furry family members.  Send them to us at: …